Please note that in Cezaryn in the municipality of Żyrzyn beneficiary Cezary Rułka Drewnolit project starts entitled: "Adaptation of a residential building for the purpose of agritourism - Larch Spa", co-financed by Switzerland in the Swiss program of cooperation with the new EU member states, the "EUROszansa for the Lublin region - building social consensus for sustainable development of the subregion in the cultural landscape of the tourist triangle: Naleczów – Pulawy - Kazimierz Dolny. " This project is to create a point of agritourism in a residential building, located on the border of the forest, in a quiet and peaceful area. In addition, the project includes cleaning of the site remains the property of the grubbing up, reinforcement and blowdown ponds, construction of driveway paving and replacement of the fence. As mentioned earlier the entire investment is co-financed by Switzerland in the Swiss program of cooperation with the new EU member states. The obtained financing in the amount of 49 784,75 CHF will implement the project.


Benefits of the project are many, because in our community will be one of the few such investments. Point the ranch "Larch Spa" in the near future will be a great alternative to recreation centers located in crowded cities. The tourist will be able to relax both physically and mentally staying away from all the hustle and bustle. Relax in nature will be extremely valuable especially for people who every day are struggling with stress and live in the fast lane. Fresh air, croaking frogs and the sounds of wild forest enrich every morning and sunset. The unique atmosphere make this place will be magical and spiritual. "Larch Spa" will attract the charm of the landscape and tranquility nothing gibbering tourists not only from the Lublin region, but hopefully also from all over the country.

Cezaryn with the city in which we create tourism, is situated on the edge of the forest, among the picturesque hills. In the nearby woods in 1998 was created Piskory Nature Reserve, is the reserve, unique and unrepeatable, a natural plant formations and rich fauna. It is located in the forestry Zagórki, and its total area is 203.05 ha. Lake Piskory together with the surrounding forests are part of the Lower Hog Valley areas. In the reserve you can encounter many rare plants such as marsh tea (Ledum palustre), lily of the valley (Convalaria majalis), bladderwort usual (Utrcularia vulgaris) and great buttercup (Ranunculus lingua). Among the aquatic vegetation formed a team of amphibious knotweed and turnpike rigid. The disused sand pit near the lake, between Dove and Niebrzegowem, renovated four-population of Marseille. It is the only place in the country natural occurrence of the extinct plants. Last place of occurrence Marseille recorded in 1973 on the shores of Lake Goczałkowskiego. Since that time, only grows in the botanical gardens.

The highest values of nature are concentrated in the lake, which is one of the most important refuges of birds water - mud all over the Lublin region. Visitors can also see the bittern - a master of camouflage, Lesser Spotted Eagle, a small Hen fodder, torpedoing winged tern, a ballet of cranes during the mating season, Greylags geese alert, and in the nearby forests - an owl. Appearing here grebe population is the largest temple across the Lublin region and one of the largest in the country. And with a little luck you can see the white-tailed eagle. Reserve can easily be hit, because in June 2014. were marked bicycle paths.

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